Investing in domains as if they were stocks

May 6th, 2008 Posted in Cool websites

fusu logo1 Investing in domains as if they were stocksFor an enterprising few in the late 90′s, buying and selling domains eventually led to millions in profits. Those with enough foresight to register and sit on one-word dictionary domain names received huge payouts once the rest of the business world caught up with the web and realized they needed great domain names to compete.

Today, most of us couldn’t afford a one-word, high profile domain, but thanks to a new site called, we can buy shares in high dollar domains in order to profit when those domains are eventually sold. Fusu works like the stock market, with domain names replacing traditional stocks. You can sell your shares at any time, and they go up or down in value, just like on the stock market.  Or you can hold on to your shares until the domain you are investing in sells, and then you’ll get a percentage of the sale price, which could potentially be a large profit (or loss).

It’s an interesting concept, but whether it will catch on with domainers or not is hard to predict. I do like the fact that you can make a small deposit to the site via Paypal, which allows those of us with Paypal funds from other online ventures to experiment without giving the site our credit card number or withdrawing funds from a bank account.

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