Monkey controlled robots to take over world

May 29th, 2008 Comments Off Posted in Technology

we3 Monkey controlled robots to take over worldIt was reported yesterday that scientists have developed tiny microelectrodes that can be implanted in the brain in order to control robotic limbs.  The long-term practical application of this technology would, of course, be to provide artificial replacement limbs to humans that function as normal limbs would.

One impractical application would be to give perfectly healthy humans extremely strong cyborg limbs for combat or industrial purposes.  You could even combine lab animals and robotic limbs to create deadly (and cute) cyborgs with robotic strength and animal reflexes ala the comic book series WE3 (soon to be a major motion picture).  Personally, I welcome our new monkey cyborg overlords and plan on buying up stock in Chiquita just in case.

May 28 – A monkey has been able to control a robotic arm using brainpower.

With tiny microelectrodes implanted in its brain, the monkey could direct a robotic arm to pluck a marshmallow from a skewer and feed itself.

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